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Wednesday, March 20


[Keynote | ENG] Who runs the world - the Age of Distributed Superpowers
Nous vivons à l'ère des superpuissances, où plus d'organisations, de réseaux et d'individus que jamais auparavant exercent plus de pouvoir.  Les grandes organisations aussi bien que des adolescents peuvent avoir une portée mondiale. Les dix prochaines années promettent de nouvelles puissances, au potentiel sans précédent pour stimuler la prospérité mondiale et catalyser les conflits mondiaux. Mais avec une puissance extrême vient des conséquences extrêmes....

avatar for Bradley KREIT

Bradley KREIT

Research Director, Institute For The Future
Since he joined Institute for the Future, Brad has held a variety of roles including Co-Director of its health research, Research Director for its Technology Futures Lab, and is currently the Director of Research for the Future 50 Partnership.  

Wednesday March 20, 2019 10:00 - 10:15
Salle Descamps


[Keynote] The hidden secret of algorithms
Algorithms make decisions for us, classify content, categorize people and influence our behaviours on a daily basis. Between bias, discrimination and the reinforcement of inequalities, what is behind these algorithms? Through concrete cases, let us decipher the interests they represent and their real-life consequences! 

avatar for Frédéric BARDOLLE


Co-fondateur, AlgoTransparency
Le Dr. Frédéric Bardolle est un des cofondateurs d'AlgoTransparency, une initiative visant à expliquer le fonctionnement des algorithmes qui influencent notre accès à l’information.

Wednesday March 20, 2019 10:15 - 10:30
Salle Descamps
Thursday, March 21


[Keynote | ENG] The antidote to surveillance capitalism? Think small! Introducing Small Tech.
Big Tech, with its billion-dollar unicorns, has robbed us of the potential of the Internet. Fueled by the extreme shortsightedness and greed of venture capital and startups, the utopic vision of a decentralised and democratic commons has morphed into the dystopic autocracy of Silicon Valley panopticons that we call surveillance capitalism. This status quo violates our human rights, threatens our democracies, and casts doubt on the integrity of personhood itself.

Aral Balkan is a designer and programmer who has been making things with computers for the past 35 years. He’s spent the last five of those working on the problem of technologically regulating the abuses of surveillance capitalism as well as designing freedom-respecting alternatives to it. In this talk, he presents – for the first time publicly – his latest thinking on how we can create alternatives to surveillance capitalism that cannot be co-opted. His suggestion is simple:

Think small.

avatar for Aral BALKAN


Cyborg rights activist, designer, and developer, ind.ie
Aral is a cyborg rights activist, designer, and developer. He’s one third of Indie, a tiny not-for-profit working for social justice in the digital age. 

Thursday March 21, 2019 15:30 - 16:30
Salle Descamps