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Wednesday, March 20


[Debate] Sharing health data - what are the side effects?
Although we share  (consciously or unconsciously) large amounts of data every day, it seems we are less willing to share our health data as they seem particularly sensitive and confidential. However, sharing health data could help improve research, anticipate epidemics or detect pharmaceutical scandals. Currently these data are well protected, but the legislative and practical obstacles could be overcome. Who would be able to take charge of the sharing of health care data, ensure peoples anonymity and avoid that data is used to the detriment of those offering it? What are the ethical limits of these practices? 

avatar for Javier CREUS

Javier CREUS

Co-Founder, Salus.coop | Ideas for change
Javier Creus is the founder of Ideas for Change and Salus.coop. Javier is considered to be one of the primary strategists and thought leaders regarding the collaborative economy, open and P2P business models, citizen innovation and the networked society in Spain.  
avatar for Andrew HOPPIN


Co-founder, CoverUS
Andrew is CEO of CoverUS, a social venture based in New York that helps people better control their health data, and to earn an income from it. A former NASA scientist and New York’s 2010 Government CIO of the Year, Andrew is also a board member and contributor to open source and... Read More →

avatar for Francesca PICK

Francesca PICK

Partner & Connector, Greaterthan, Ouishare
Francesca Pick is a collaboration catalyst, community catalyst and organizational consultant. As partner at Greaterthan and member of the global networks OuiShare and Enspiral, she works with people, teams and organizations at the forefront of decentralized, self-managed and participatory... Read More →

Wednesday March 20, 2019 14:00 - 14:30
Salle Descamps


[Debate] What is the true cost of your data ?
Every day we produce large amounts of data through our activities, our virtual movements and the content we enjoy on the internet. While these data points may be useless as individual entitites, when compared and cross-referenced with eachother, the ensemble of this information can create very powerful digital services. How is this data used by large digital companies? What are their business models? Should users be the sole owner of their data and be able to decide whether to use or sell it? Or should this data be made available to all? 

avatar for Paula FORTEZA


Member of Parliament, Assemblée nationale
Paula Forteza is a member of the LREM for the 2nd constituency of French people living abroad. She is rapporteur for the law being developed regarding the protection of personal data and with the aim to incorporate the GDPR into French law. She is also rapporteur for the 'Digital... Read More →
avatar for Gaspard KOENIG

Gaspard KOENIG

Founder, Génération Libre
Gaspard Koenig is the founder of 'Génération Libre Ideas Lab. He defends a right of ownership over the personal data where each one could thus choose to sell his data to the platforms, or on the contrary to pay for the service and therefore protect his personal data.

avatar for Antonin LEONARD


Co-Founder, Ouishare et Stroika
I am an entrepreneur, team builder and strategist. I'm currently kickstarting Stroïka whose aim is to enable more entrepreneurs, creators and activists build movements connected to powerful and genuine myths.

Wednesday March 20, 2019 14:30 - 15:15
Salle Descamps
Thursday, March 21


[Debate] How to govern alongside digital giants?
Almost one third of humanity today has a Facebook account and 91% of all internet searches are done via Google! Within a decade, a hand full of few web giants have become extremely powerful, offering services that make our lives easier, but which in exchange also make us dependant. How do users and society benefit from these services and what role should goverments play here? Does the dominance of companies like Facebook, Google or Apple pose problems for regulations, or on the contrary, is this an essential condition for improving our societies?  

avatar for Benjamin BAYART

Benjamin BAYART

Co-founder, La Quadrature du Net
Benjamin Bayart is a telecommunications expert and former President of the FDN (French Data Network), France's oldest independent and associative Internet access provider. He is also the co-president of La Quadrature du Net, and an activist for net neutrality and free software... Read More →
avatar for Estelle MASSE

Estelle MASSE

Senior Policy Analyst and Global Data Protection Lead, Access Now
Estelle is Senior Policy Analyst and Global Data Protection Lead at Access Now. Her work focuses on data protection, privacy, surveillance and telecoms policies. In particular, Estelle leads the work of the organisation on data protection in the EU and around the world. She is a member... Read More →
avatar for Sébastien SORIANO

Sébastien SORIANO

President, ARCEP
Sébastien Soriano a réalisé l'essentiel de sa carrière dans la régulation de la concurrence et des télécoms, avant de devenir en mai 2012 le directeur de cabinet de Fleur Pellerin, alors Ministre déléguée en charge des PME, de l'innovation et de l'économie numérique. Avant... Read More →

avatar for Sarah BLANC


Cheffe de rubrique numérique, Contexte
Minitel native, j'ai deux amours, le journalisme web et le numérique, cultivés avec autant de passion depuis presque dix ans : d’abord en PQR, au Berry.fr, ensuite au "lab" Owni.fr, pionnier du datajournalisme, puis en presse pro pour les collectivités à Lagazettedescommunes.fr... Read More →

Thursday March 21, 2019 09:30 - 10:30
Salle Descamps